Sundy Best – Bring Up The Sun

I’ve been lucky enough to be a part of many great recording sessions in Nashville, but every once in a while, one really sticks with you. It could be the songs, the artist(s), the producer, the quality of bagels provided by the studio, who knows. In this case, it was all of those things. Yes, even the bagels (blueberry). And that’s why I wanted to congratulate the boys from Sundy Best. It was a blast putting some guitars and mandolins on this.

Rarely will you find two guys that are so sincere in what they do. The mountain of sound that rolls out of the two of them is impressive to say the least, but the mountain of heart that rolls out is even more impressive. And as always, working with producer R.S. Field is always an inspiration.

Best of luck to them, and take a minute to click the preview button on iTunes!

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